5 Cute and Scary Fall Decoration Ideas And Fall Tips

By Srinika

Fall Decoration is something that everyone loves to do when September ends and October starts. It’s the time of the year when everyone loves to buy the decoration and hangs it up their front door. Decorations are pretty expensive sometimes. That is why you will learn how to buy inexpensive decorations and make your own DIY decorations.

But before that fall organization tips are most important, and you’ve come to the right place to get your fall season in check!

  • Get a Pumpkin Spice. To feel the Fall around you!
  • Go to Michaels to shop for Fall decorations.
  • Fall should be inside your house not only the outside.
  • Get your Fall colored blankets and pillows.
  • Find some plastic orange flowers for your vase, that sits in the middle of your dining table.
  • Find the perfect Fall-themed candles.
  • Find Fall recipes to cook.
  • Find clothes that are fall-themed.
Fall Decoration

DIY Ghosts

Let’s start with the easy one first, DIY ghosts. They are pretty simple and easy to make.

You can obviously buy them, but making them would make you much prouder and happier. Make sure to watch this video below to make a DIY ghost.


Personally, I feel like this would be a great decoration for you to hang up on your front door. Besides, isn’t it cute? In another opinion, I feel like this might be a bad idea, because what if the cloth on the top flew away in the windy weather, what if you glued the cloth to the decoration but it didn’t stick enough? These are some of the questions I would ask myself before using this decoration on my front step.

Halloween Themed Wreath (Fall Decorations)

These are some of the cutest and most professional ways to decorate your front door. Even if you hang one of these and no other decoration it still might be inviting to the trick-or-treaters. If I were you I would either go to the nearest craft shop, like Michaels or Walmart, and find a wreath. Why would you do that? When you can make your own wreath that represents you. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/qYLXQaLYPPg Cute right?!

Or if you want it to be Halloween-themed, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7OsHbxgxG4 Fall Decorations are the best, isn’t it?

Carved Pumpkins

The third time is the charm, isn’t it?

The third idea for fall-themed decorations is carved pumpkins you can have one or 5, it’ll still look super cool.

Jack-o-lanterns are the vibe for Halloween and fall.

Lights And Maple Leaves

Lights and Maple Leaves is a pretty confusing title, isn’t it? Well, let me explain it to you even more.

Lights are LED bulbs that can light up, you obviously knew that! But anyway, you can buy some in Costco or Michaels or even Target, and hang them in your backyard or tree. This way trick-or-treaters can know that people are welcoming them. Lights are colorful and exactly what we need on a dark spooky night!

Maple leaves, not actual ones but plastic ones can again be bought in Michaels or any craft store. Or I don’t know if one that is in your community has those but mine has a whole section with at least 100s of plastic flowers that you can just about use for anything. You can attach string to them and hang them on your porch, maybe give out fall vibes.

Plastic Flowers

Last but not least one to conclude our post post with is plastic flowers that look super cute. You can buy them in Michaels. (How many times have I mentioned Michaels?!) And fix them on your porch, your back yard, your doorstep, in front of your garage. Or something even better is putting them in a vase setting the vase on a table, and fixing that on your doorstep, would be simple yet super professional like the wreath.

Finally, to end this post I will give a self-care list that you can do!


See in our next winter post, have a lovely fall!

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