Cleopatra the 1st Strongest and Powerful Queen in History

When you think about this queen, what is the first thing that comes to your mind??? When I think about her, I think about one of Katy Perry’s songs: Dark Horse. But we are all sure that she is not a myth and she has no relation to the song Dark Horse. Make sure to keep reading this post to update your historical knowledge, and I bet you’ll find what you came to search for. A few things you need to know about Cleopatra are that her leadership and communication are what made her a strong queen. Before, you know the crazy things about her, you need to know what her name means:

The meaning of Cleopatra is the glory of her father. Her father’s fame.

Queen of Egypt (Cleopatra)

When Ptolemy the XII (Auletes) died he left the throne for an 18-year-old girl and her brothers. She and her brothers fled to Syria and assembled an army in order to declare the throne for her. Then she ruled Egypt for 10 years straight.

Dress Style

Her fashion is unbelievable, she wears a dress wherever she goes. She wore her traditional dress at home and in Rome. Women normally wore Kalasiris.

Kalasiris are long gowns, that look similar to a nightgown. I personally think nightgowns are ugly, but these Kalasiris are really really pretty, so I feel like they aren’t that similar to a nightgown. Or maybe they are really simple but are covered by jewels and stuff…


Back to the topic, after this gown is worn, they decorate them with jewelry and beautiful garments. After that, for makeup, they use natural products. Then, the hair is decorated, and braided. After dressing, they place the crown on their hair.

The jewelry was massive and heavy and she specifically wore a massive gold headdress and snake-shaped armbands. Have you ever heard that she is really pretty??? Historians believed that she was a natural redhead. And that she used henna, to keep her hair very vibrant. It is also rumored that Cleopatra used Aloe Vera to stay young and pretty.


Cleopatra’s marriage is a little bit confusing. Some articles state, that she married four people. Two of her brothers, but she truly loved Mark Anthony. But another article states that Cleopatra had a true love for Julius Caesar.

Cleopatra had 4 kids, 1 pair of twins, and two kids. Cleopatra Selene II was a princess and the queen of Numidia and Mauretania. Cleopatra II’s twin was Alexander Helios, he was a prince. Caesarion was the last pharaoh. The last child was Ptolemy Philadelphus.

How did she die??

After Octavian’s forces pursued them to Alexandria. While Antony is said to have fatally stabbed himself in the stomach, Cleopatra’s method of suicide is less certain. Legend has it that she died by enticing an “asp”—most likely a viper or Egyptian cobra—to bite her arm, but the ancient chronicler Plutarch admits that what really took place is known to no one. Speaking of all this history and mystery, maybe you would like a book that is a little bit modern, but still a little bit country:


Cleopatra’s tomb was never found, but it is believed to be near Alexandria. Only the burial place of the fourth child is found Mausoleum of Augustus, Rome, Italy.

Guys, I will be honest at this point, I can’t find much, maybe I should end it here, plus I don’t want to give you the wrong information.

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