Do I want to be a Fairy??? #1 Mind blowing question!!!

Fairy you ask? Every little girl wants to be a fairy. If I was a fairy, I would do bad or good things, depending on how I feel. If I was feeling good and happy I would do happy things. If I was feeling bad and angry I would bully someone. But between you and me I am always evil, so let’s say I might mostly do bad things instead of being good.


The Good Fairy ( Do I want to be a Fairy?)

As a good fairy, I would do so many good things. For example, I would braid my “fairy” friend’s hair or my “fairy” friend would braid my hair. Since, my sister knows how to braid lanyard. I would braid lanyards and wrap them in gift wrappers.

Then, send them to my “fairy” neighbors, “fairy” friends and other “fairy” people in the fairy land. I would have a fairy sleepover. In the fairy sleepover me and my friends would have a makeover, a pillow fight and story time. In the makeover, we would use so many fairy herbs to decorate our hair and our face. Since we are small we would take a big leaf to make them our dress, just like Tinkerbell.


For the pillow fight we would use cotton and put the cotton in the leaf “cover”, and then sleep with them or since we are speaking about the sleepover then, fight with the pillows I guess. For the story, we would talk about unicorns and rainbows. If it was supposed to be a scary story, the unicorns and rainbows would be inadequate. 

Evil Fairies

Since, this time I am a bad fairy. I would insult people. For example, if someone was walking. We would throw a banana skin in their way so they would trip and fall and  their little fairy shoes would be covered in berries. This causes them to be angry and also they have to buy new fairy shoes.

Seeing that might be beneficial for me.  After that, Me and my friends would fight with other fairies. And this makes them provoked. Since, Me and my friends are bad fairies, we would try to take over the world. Like, every fairy movie, obviously! Then, we would fail but we would cause misery and anger. I don’t have much about being a bad fairy. 


Have you ever watched Tinkerbell? I did. They are so awesome and Tinkerbell’s dress is the most awesome dress ever!!!! So I am planning to write about having a glittery and sparkly dress. Which would catch everyone’s attention. And we would have some makeup too. For the makeup I could squeeze different berries, and if it was red then, red juice would come out.

Which obviously I would use as a lipstick or eyeshadow. There isn’t anything else I could make out of berries or leaves, I can’t make conditioner, shampoo or even foundation. But for the dress there are different ideas. I could dress up as an acorn or a berry every halloween. Which is amazing, but I am not sure that fairies celebrate halloween. When they are busy, trying to protect the earth from evil witches. I could use something else. If you have any thoughts please share about it. I have no idea where cartoon fairies get their dresses.


I would have friends. There is nothing like a BFF. Everyone is our friend. Like I said I would have friends. Each friend would be unique with their own element power. For example, Water, Earth, LIght, Nature and sports. I am not kidding, in rainbow fairies, there are tons of fairies.

How does the author even get the idea? I bet she has tons of ideas for clothes. She is so talented. Ok, let’s go back to the topic. When fairies are good, their village is so friendly and so understanding. Which means they are basically, my and others’ friends. So we don’t need to worry about making friends. 


I can’t wait to talk about the adventures we will have if we are all fairies. You get to fly, with wings. Wings are so cool, aren’t they? If you’ve ever watched Mariposa, each and every fairy has a unique wing pattern and color. You get to have red, blue, orange, purple, white, pink, black, brown, yellow and on and on. But I specifically vote for the purple one or the crimson wing.

Crimson and purple are a great way to show people how you feel. Purple stands for sad and gloominess. And crimson could be a great way to express to people that you are going to go crazy and wild any minute. Just imagine, crimson is a color made just for you, it expresses wild and crazy, like “ YEE-HAW!!!” Your soul could burst out of your body any minute.

Imagine those wings just for you, and at the autumn time, there will be red leaves and you could grab one to make a dress matching with your wings.

And for purple, you could go to trees like the plum trees. And that would be amazing. Being tiny means you could have great adventures, explore the humongous world. Large, graceful sometimes sadness lurks in its ground and boom!!!

You can do whatever you like when you are tiny, have a tiny water drop for yourself, and say to other people that you have an ocean, that is one of your belongings.

Isn’t that amazing. If you watch Polly Pocket. You’ll know what I mean. You can ride on bugs and have dogs. Which must feel like riding a plane, only riding it by sitting in it’s back. You can think of more if you like. 

Ok, it is time to end the craziness we are causing. By the time you read this, I hope you are planning to jump on your bed and go crazy, until your mom gets you and you are in trouble. But that is ok! Have a great one and see you next time with one of my crazy thoughts. 

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