Dogs VS Cats (An important question for pet owners)

“ Dogs believe that they are human, cats believe they are god” – Jeff Valdez 

” Dogs believe that they are human, cats believe they are god”

-Jeff Valdez

Dogs VS Cats (Intro)

Should cats really be kept as pets? At the same time should dogs also be one? Cats are really really quiet and they are smart, while dogs do whatever their owners ask them to, and they are also not quiet. Well, you are in luck because I am voting for dogs.

Cats are… well not really fun to play with, they don’t do everything we ask them to do, and they are so quiet, which isn’t my character type. But… Dogs are my type. I just love to be active, so I think dogs are wonderful creatures, who are looking for adventure and fun.

However, cats aren’t animals who look forward to fun and adventure. They just want to be left alone and quiet. They aren’t active ( Trust me!!!) Ok!!! That’s that. Now I am going to write some facts about why dogs should be pets and cats not. 

dogs vs cats

Dogs (Dogs VS Cats)

I am voting for dogs, always and forever. Puppies are so adorable, they are just little cute things, that you could just eat up. Dogs are fun, they love to play and they come and follow you always.  Which means you are not alone. They also are obedient, which is good for the owner.

And dogs do lots of fun things like playing fetch and playing whatever you want.

And guess what, they are so clever which means you can even teach math. But that’s not gonna happen. What’s gonna happen is that in all, dogs are a creature, who have the elements to be a good pets: Loving, Caring, Fun, Obedient, and following you. I think these are a good way to know that they are awesome pets, and who even wants a boring cat who is always quiet and doesn’t even come to play?

Cats (Dogs VS Cats)

Now, people who thought that this essay should vote for cats instead of dogs here is your chance. But, let me tell you that the chances of cats winning these votes is very less, more like 9% out of 100% Cats are quiet and they don’t bite you.

For example, if you are watching television, it’s really important for you, but your dog gets in your way and waddles its tail and barks for you to play fetch at the time when you really want to see what happens at the end of the episode.

So, that’s how it goes if you have a dog. But if you have a cat they won’t even bother you, you can even pet them while watching your fancy schmancy episode. So, all in all ( I know I concluded the dog paragraph in “ all in all” too!!!) I think cats are amazing pets. And who even wants an animal disturbing you in the middle of a movie? Not me!!! 

Dogs VS Cats ( Conclusion)

And this ends it people, the tie-breaking contest, between who wants which pets, has not ended. It is up to you, to choose what kind of adorableness you want, remember that both Cats and dogs are a great way to express what kind of person you are. And whatever you choose, make sure you choose what kind you like, not the kind I like!!! Have a great day and make sure you choose dogs!!! If you like this you might like our other posts too: Plus, you could visit our YouTube channel: The YouTube channel, now has the links for our Instagram too. Check it out. Bye!!!!

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