The Road Trip to Texas (The 1st fun and unusual trip)

Road Trip
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Introduction (The Road Trip to Texas)

The road trip to Texas, as well, was fun!!! We had so much “Fast Food” So, normally, our parents don’t encourage us with that much Junk food. It’s usually a walk outside, and then, we eat our food, it’s normal Indian food, with not so much fat. But during this trip, we has so much fast food, which was pretty special.

We had so much fun, like one of the things was when my mom was driving a stray dog, in the road of Arkansas started chasing our car, when my mom was driving. Now, that is why you need to read this post, read the adventures of our “Road Trip to Texas”

Decisions (The Road Trip to Texas)

So, I didn’t like moving to Texas from New Jersey, me Srinika. I was too afraid, that Texas might be different that New Jersey, like it might be hot there, people might not be nice, schools would be too boring. Plus, I was moving out of the school in the middle of the year, which means there are more chance that kids, might start bullying me!!! But who am I to change my parents decisions for moving????

Packing (The Road Trip to Texas)

The packing was boring and way too messy. I mean we had to throw out half of our belongings because we had way too many things. And we had to throw some of our baby memories out. So sad!!! After packing our house looked way too big because you know, our messy house. We got everything in a pod, clothes, blankets, and brushes, for stopping in a hotel. After all that, we were basically bored the last few days, because there were to TVs, so computers, only phones and our chrome books.

The morning before travelling

Ok!!! This is where the sad goodbyes happen, that only for us it did not happen, because we went started traveling at 4:00 AM, where everyone was asleep and did not wake up till 6:00 AM. I stared out the window, pretty much bored to do anything, we had nothing to do in the car, except listen to music, we had about 30 songs in them.

It went over and over and over again.

The Diamond City to Texas

But guess what, I didn’t want to stop listening to it, it was better than not doing anything. After that, we reached Delaware, The Diamond State, it was gorgeous, but it still looked like New Jersey.

There wasn’t much to say here because I slept in this state. Then we reached Virginia, “The Old Dominion State” it was green and it has some cows. By this time, we saw a lot of cows in like the fields, inside fences. I think the farmers live on the outer side of Virginia???

Now, it is time for the Volunteer State, if you don’t know what it is, it’s Tennessee. By this time, there were so many animals in this place, there were plants, farms, and a lot of fast food restaurants, that’s where we bought, fries and burgers and sodas. It was so refreshing.

After, right now we went to Arkansas, and oh boy, this state had the most cows, and most trucks on the highway, in one place we had to go through a farm side to reach the highway. This is where my mom switched the car with my dad, which means my mom was going to drive it was fun. Then, suddenly, this dog out of nowhere started chasing our car. We couldn’t drive our car faster, because then we’d hurt the animal which we didn’t want to do, oh god, was it crazy???

Now it was the very important moment, we reached Texas, and we have straightly head to our new house, we can’t lose our track, if we did it would be very dangerous. It was a new state a new beginning and a new start.

Maybe this is a tale for another time, hope you liked my essay so much, you can see our YouTube videos at: Plus, you can check out our other post new post that we published today: See you on our next post!!!!

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