18 Crazy Things I want to do Before I’m 18

By Srinika and Srisha 12/22/22

We all have our long bucket-lists of things we want to do before we’re a certain age. 18 is a big deal!

1. Visit Disneyland

You probably know Disneyland, Disneyland is really cool and I would like to see it at least once.

I would want to go on all the adventure park rides and visit all my favorite Disney characters. There’s even a spa and hotel, which means I can relax and have the best week of my life.

2. Get my driver’s license

I definitely want to learn to drive a car! I would be able to go places without depending on other people and if I do go to college, I can drive! Its super fun when you get to control a car!


Plus, I can get a Tesla or something expensive, but people say I’m destructive, I am pretty sure that’s not true.

3. Attend at least one music concert with my twin

We could probably go to one of our favorite artists’ concert, and have a lot of fun. Just me and my twin.

I (Srinika) like Ariana Grande or maybe Meghan Trainor. So, I’d definitely want to attend one their concerts, but obviously I would need to purchase tickets, which would cost a fortune, no worries, I’d take it from my sister’s savings.

4. Go to Six Flags Again

Me and my family already went to Six Flags, but I would do anything to go again, because it’s so cool.

I love to go and see the animals again, I would like to see the white tigers, because they are so pretty.


I bet you would love to look at our nature category. https://twinsparkle.com/category/nature/

5. Make Our Blog Bigger

Bigger isn’t always the best, but the best quality is something big to think of.

Before I am 18 I would love to make Twinsparkle a big platform, it should give out so much information, like Wikipedia.

6. Learn Salsa Dance

I know wishing to dance moves is stupid or crazy, but isn’t that what I am. I would love to learn Salsa, I think it looks really pretty and gorgeous. Mexico culture is really identical to Indian’s. So, I think Salsa is not a really big deal for me.

Plus, I would look good in that Salsa dress.

7. Learn to cook a French food

France is known for bakery goods, which is croissant, I mean croissant is so good, if you don’t know what it is, it’s a bread that looks really fancy, and is like a piece of cloud.

8. Learn to make Homemade Ice cream

Ice cream is sooo good, but not everyone knows how to make Ice cream, if you did, you would not buy it from stores.

9. Publish a Book

Publishing a book doesn’t sound so bad, or so hard, but I would want to publish a book, like Anne of Green Gables, or books about royal princess and drama. Who doesn’t like a really interesting book about drama and a royal princess.

Or I could write a book about how girls, weren’t wanted long ago, or how girls weren’t allowed to be the heir of the throne, even though they were the first born.

10. Interview a Celebrity

Interview a celebrity sounds really hard, but what if it isn’t. Making the impossible is possible.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible”

 Audrey Hepburn

11. Finish a book in one day

Maybe finishing a book sounds really easy, but honestly it’s really hard to finish one in a day.

But like I said nothing is impossible.

12. Visit the Eiffel Tower

This one is a really cool wish, visiting the Eiffel Tower is really cool.

13. Pretend the Floor is Lava

If you haven’t seen the show the Floor is Lava you should see it. You pretend the floor is full of lava, and I want to do that, which seems really hard, but not impossible.

14. Try crazy earrings

If you don’t know, I have my ears pierced, so I could use this chance to wear some of the crazy earring designs.

15. Get a Pet

I know sometimes this is one of the best wishes for some people, I want a pet turtle and I will name is Box.

16. Stitch an embroidery

Stitching an embroidery is really hard, and I want to see how I’ll do.

Designing is one of my favorite things to do, after watching television. And designing a logo might be the best one yet.

18. Volunteer in a Farm

This one might be the best one and the biggest one yet. Volunteering isn’t that easy, and in a farm is even hard, plus, I don’t like working, so that one might be a tough one. But trying or getting few scratches isn’t gonna hurt anyone.

I guess that’s all for my “18 crazy things to do before I am 18” Well, see you later!!!!

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