Global warming : We need to address this tremendous issue before 2025

By Srisha 2/8/23

You may have noticed more severe storms, hotter temperatures and more droughts than usual around the world. Well, those are the effects of global warming. Global warming is an advancing issue all over the world. And it all started because of us.

Climate change is causing hotter temperatures and destroying the world

The effects of global warming

Global warming or Climate change is destroying the world and maybe even us. Scientists are calling this the sixth-mass extinction in the history of Earth. 

Tony Barnosky and Paul Ehrilch, two scientists from Stanford are both saying the same thing. At the rate we’re destroying the Earth, we’re going to kill ourselves. According to scientists, we’re using our resources faster than the Earth can produce them and that it is going to lead to the destruction of our lifestyles within decades. 

The rate of human extinction is going up every day, and the only way we can stop that is if we stop global warming. This is called the Holocene extinction and it has been going on for longer than we’ve known. And the rising human population and climate change aren’t making the problem any better.

Human evolution based on Darwin’s theory

Many animals are already going extinct because of this mass-extinction event and that will soon destroy whole ecosystems and our way of life. In a few decades, lots of species will be in danger and that includes us

And these are not the only issues caused by global warming. It includes rising sea levels, hotter temperatures, severe storms in many parts of the world, poverty, droughts, and even shortage of food.

Many climate activists have already been taking action and warning us to fight global warming. You might already know some activists. Well, it’s time to start listening to them. 

What are the causes of climate change?

Climate change is mostly caused because of carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses that trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere.

Where are these gasses coming from? 

They come from fossil fuels which we are burning to get most of our electricity. Many manufacturing factories also burn fossil fuels to be able to produce cement, iron and other goods. Even plastic is made from fossil fuels. 

And that’s not the only cause of global warming. Every year, millions and millions of trees and forests are destroyed to make way for our farms. This destruction, agriculture and other ways we use our land is roughly a quarter responsible for global warming. 

Polar bears are suffering because of melting glaciers which is caused by global warming

Did you think that list would end so quickly? There’s more. Our transportation is also playing a major part in this life-threatening problem. Most of our cars, trucks, bikes and all our other transportation vehicles are powered by fossil fuels, which I repeat causes carbon dioxide to go up to the atmosphere and trap more and more of the sun’s heat. 

And there is one major cause for all these problems and global warming : YOU! The way we live, the way we use up water, electricity, food and fuel, that can make a major difference in this issue. Every bit of food you waste and every bit of electricity and water that you and all of us spend needlessly can cause the extinction of our whole species in the near future. DO you want to bear the consequences of global warming on your shoulders? Do any of us?

How we can make this better and fix the problem is now in your hands!

A big solution for a bigger problem

Net Zero is a commitment that lots of countries pledge to achieve. Net Zero simply means cutting down greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible. No offense, but China, the United States, India and a lot of countries are some of the biggest polluters and even they are committing to bringing down their greenhouse gas emissions. And we need to reach Net Zero by 2050. It’s not that easy but it’s not impossible either. 

Net Zero means we have to change the way we do everything from agriculture and well, to our whole lifestyle. It means we have to find a new way to replace the use of fossil fuels and there are already some inventions to help. Tesla is one example. Tesla cars are run on batteries, which means it’s a more sustainable way of renewable energy. 

And Net Zero can’t be achieved within a couple of years. We can’t just shut down all our factories and transportation and agriculture to solve the problem! We need to take it step by step. And even if YOU can’t make the decisions deciding the fate of this whole globe, you can help. 

You can help by reducing the amount of energy you use at home. Cut down the time you take showers, don’t use electricity in an obsessive amount and don’t waste food. Hunt down the leftovers in your fridge right now and make something out of them. Cut down the amount of plastic you use. And definitely walk or use your bike to a place near you. Most importantly, eat healthy. 

Wait, you must have thought ‘That doesn’t fit here!’ It does, because food packaging, consuming lots of meat and dairy can increase your carbon footprint and the use of Earth’s resources. Foods based on plants don’t impact the environment or add to the greenhouse effect, so that’s safe. 

Remember, we have to do everything we can immediately to save our planet. And it’s not too late which means we can still make a difference. So, if YOU don’t want to be the reason we’re all going to be extinct in the future, spread the word and do all you can because as Winston Churchill said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

global warming

Check out this Act Now | United Nations for more hacks and tips on how to do your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. You can also read our other post : 11 Awesome Earth Saving Tips You Should Follow to learn more about how we can save the Earth by doing little things everyday.

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