Our Cool 15-day Road Trip During the Summer! (Part 2)

Okay! Hi, again. Now, where did I leave off last time? Oh, yes, yes, we were talking about going to Kentucky. If you want to catch up with what I’m talking about, go read my first post on this awesome road trip. So, we stayed at a friend’s house in Kentucky for a few days before we left to continue our road trip again. I don’t want to go super into the details about staying there except for the part when we went to visit a farm/winery with them.

It was really cool, we saw ducks, really big fish and got ice cream! There was a creamery that the farm also ran, where they made fresh ice cream. I got strawberry (there were bits of strawberries in there and they made it right from the strawberries grown at their farm!) and my mom and sister got pistachio. There was also a winery, (I did not test wine and never will!) but my dad did. I think it was also made fresh from their grape vines.

Then we went near this lake, where there was a swan and some ducks running around. There were mostly there for the food. There was a feeder that we could feed them from. Then, we went closer to the lake and fed some fish. They were super big, about the size of koi fish or larger.

So, yeah, that was the only fun thing we did in Kentucky. Then, we left for Pittsburg. Pittsburg was faster than the trip from Texas to Kentucky. We reached there at 11 a.m. or something after we left at 4 a.m.

Road Trip – Take 2

Pittsburg is a really hilly area and there was a lot of fog and mountains surrounding us. When I think about it now, it was actually pretty. Downtown and the city were pretty crowded, not meaning there were a lot of people, but the buildings were squeezed together and the roads were tiny. Because I am used to wide roads in Texas, it actually felt kind of claustrophobic driving through small winding roads. Downtown was dope, it was like where most of the population existed. There were a lot of buildings and a big river with bridges that actually open when ships pass through.

We also went to Ohio. On the way to Pittsburg, we crossed Cincinnati and it was the most beautiful sight ever. The buildings in the early morning and the city lights were really pretty. My mom and sister were sleeping but I wish they had seen it too. After we went to Pittsburg and stayed there for about a week, we wanted to see some attractions.

When we looked it up, they were all in Ohio. My dad and mom really wanted to see Lake Erie and me too! But, first, we decided to take a scenic train ride through a national park. For the most part, I thought it was really boring cause we had seen all of this stuff before, but I still tried to enjoy it. After that, we took the 45-minute drive to get to Lake Erie.

road trip
Lake Erie

It was huge like a sea, you could never find the end of the lake and it was so pretty in the sunlight. Lake Erie is actually known for its beautiful sunsets, so my parents wanted to see it. I was really curious about when the sun is going to set, so I check the time, it was 9:30! Oh, gosh we couldn’t stay that long, so we decided to go back to Pittsburgh. On the way back, we also went to a Walmart to buy some stuff.

Yeah, that was all the fun we had in Pittsburg and Ohio, but we weren’t done yet!

Also take a look at this video, https://youtu.be/hzUtoyzwq_Y

Then, we went to New Jersey which was really fun too. We stayed at a relative house. Our cousin is 3 and she is really cute. On the way to NJ, we went to Wendy’s and it was tasty. We stayed there for about 2-3 days. We all got homesick super quickly, so we decided to go back to Texas again. Let me tell you, coming back to your own bed and pillow and wardrobe and shower and sofa is the best experience in your life!

We learned that whether you’re taking a road trip or just traveling, you need to take a lot of breaks cause you can’t sit in the car forever even if it is a really big camper. You always need fresh air and snacks, lots of snacks. Don’t forget the music, it’s the only entertainment because how long can you stare out the window?

Well, see you guys in the next post, because I’m super tired. Bye!

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