5+ Indian Food That Makes You Go Insane

When we think of Indian Foods, we think of Desi. Well, I do.

Desi is another way to express Indian vibes. Well, leave that topic for another day, let’s talk about 3 Indian food that makes you go literally insane. So many flavors and colors explode in your mouth and your brain. Well, if you are wondering what these 3 dishes could be. You came to the right place. Let’s explore!

Before I start, I want to mention another post about food, if you are a foodie. https://twinsparkle.com/5-dishes-that-explode-in-your-mouth/

If you didn’t know I am Indian too. (Indian teen da house! ) I don’t know why I wrote that. But you can trust this Indian Food post, because it comes from an Indian, firsthand.

Pani Puri (Indian Food)

Pani Puri is an Indian dish, but it’s mainly popular in north India. And I am a South Indian. Pani Puri is mainly fried dough, that has no flavor. But you add the flavor. Do you get what I am saying?

If you get Pani Puri-making kits. You’ll know that they’ll give you the fried dough, and the flavors. Which includes green sauce, red sauce, and boondi. You can get extra stuff like yogurt, to add to your pani puri.

Read on, to find out about my very own Pani Puri Stuffing recipe.

  • Get Pani Puri-making kits
  • Get the Pani Puri fried dough and microwave them for 30 seconds.
  • While they are in the oven, get the 2 packets of sauce, which includes Green and Red.
  • Add water to them and mix them well! Green is for spice and red is for sweet.
  • Make a hole in your Puri and start pouring a spoonful of the sauce.
  • Add boondi to your desired amount
  • Finally, add yogurt (if you have any) to your desired amount.

That’s my 7-step list to making your flavorful Pani-Puris.

Postscript: if you have no idea what boondi is, it’s tiny balls, that taste like flour, and have a little bit of flavor to them.

Indian Foods
Pani Puri


If you didn’t know what Biryani is, it is rice with meat and flavors. Not all Indians eat biryani because they are not all non-vegetarian. Eating Biryani too much can be bad for your health because it contains way too many calories. And you have to exercise to get rid of those calories.

Biryani isn’t a Hindu dish. It was spread by Muslims to South Asia. Biryani is made of mutton, chicken, and beef. Hindus don’t eat beef, because cows are considered gods. So, that means we eat only mutton and chicken. Mutton is goat and chicken is chicken 🙂

Biryani includes cashews and nuts, only sometimes, not every chef is interested in adding nuts to their biryani dish. If you can’t eat meat, you can substitute it with potatoes and vegetables.

Making vegetable biryani is very common in India because everyone wants a taste of biryani but can’t eat meat, then they end up making vegetable biryani. Between you and me mutton biryani is my absolute favorite.

Biryani is often served with onion in yogurt or cucumbers in yogurt. If you have no idea what biryani tastes like, it tastes spicy and really flavorful. So, if you ever go to India, this is a dish that you must eat.

Dosa with chutney

Okay, chutney might sound funny to pronounce. It is pronounced like (chut-ney) Imagine how you would pronounce hut, add the cha sound with it. Okay, this is complicated. So, moving on. If you do not know what Dosa is. I am so sorry.

Dosa is exactly like a pancake but the spicier version. We don’t have maple syrup but we do have chutney, chutney is basically made up of multiple ingredients such as mustard, coconut, tomato, onion, and more. Like so much more!

In the streets of India, there are so many people making dosas. One of those videos is linked at the bottom of my outro.

Personally, my favorite is chutney and something called idli podi, it’s not related to the chutney. But it is used like sauce.

It is made with lentils and red chili, it is mainly used when you are traveling or have no access to the stove. So, you take your trusty idli podi, and add some gingelly oil, to get your favorite side dish.

Idli And Sambar

Idli and sambar are something that every single person ever found in India loves. “It really is the best,” they say. But secretly I don’t think so. There are so many sambar types. And people love idli with sambar. So, a normal Indian family who is having idli for breakfast that day could be possibly eating many types of sambar and there is no way you could tell.

Idli is made with the same batter used for dosas, but idli is so hard to make with bare hands, that’s why we have plates for them. To make them in a very good-looking circle, they are also very fluffy if you didn’t know.

Tandoori Chicken

If you are non-veg then, this might be for you! Many people think about Tandoori Chicken if they think about “Indian Dishes” what can I say, it’s that good!

It’s made with chicken, obviously. But this dish is really popular worldwide. It was found in South India, a dish marinated in yogurt and spices overnight, for the next day.

You might think that Chicken tikka and Tandoori are the same but it’s not, Tandoori chicken is made with full or half chicken. While tikka requires skinless and boneless chicken to make.


Paneer is widely known in India, it’s exactly like tofu but better than tofu. But not vegan, it is made of cow’s-milk or buffalo’s-milk. Paneer is my favorite. You can experiment with making so many dishes, even though I have no interest in experimenting with cooking.

Many dishes are made with Paneer such as Palak paneer. Palak means spinach in Hindi, and palak paneer is good too. Paneer butter masala is also known widely across the land. It explodes with flavors.

With that, I am wrapping up today’s post, with a link to dosa made in the streets of India, not on the floor, but as street food. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=street+food+india+dosa

There were so many options so I gave you the option to choose your Indian Food! Peace out!

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