Pandemic During My Life is Anxious #2

By Srinika

I decided to write another post about life during the pandemic, because why not? I have moved from New Jersey to Texas. (It is so hot!!!) I am right now sitting in the living room, writing you this post. If this is your first post and you end up liking it, you should go check out Life During Pandemic #1

Life During Pandemic (Temperature)

The first change in my “Life during the Pandemic” is the temperature. Right now, it’s 91. This is so hot to be in. Honestly, because we have been in temperatures, only below 77.

New Jersey’s temperature has never gone above 80. So, that is a pretty huge change. It even touched 100 degrees, last Sunday or something.

Life during Pandemic
Burning Hot!!!

Life During Pandemic (School)

What is more amazing is that I am going to a new school. The new school is not that terrible, everybody is so nice. I like everyone, pretty much.

It has been 1 year and 2 months.

Life During Pandemic
Summer is filled with nature.

Besides, I have so many plans for summer. I plan to hit the pool, paint pots, and plant flowers in them, build a bird feeder, and get a tour of the neighborhood, and I want to walk some trails ( I heard that there are so many trails in Texas!!!) 

I am hoping to try something new. Plus, I can’t wait to get a taste of the delicious Ice-cream, (It feels like you need to fill your freezer with ice cream.)

I am so excited to experience this year-round warm weather for a change. Now, about school again, me and my sister got placed in different classes.

To be honest, it is actually fun. If she was here, then I would hold myself back for her and she would hold herself back for me, which is messed up. The problem is we are way too shy when we are around others, so it stops us from getting to know each other.

One of the classes is the gym!!! I usually like the gym but after going to this school I feel like I should’ve taken dancing. The locker room is the problem, feels like the place is crowded so much, and I feel like it is the noisiest place in the whole school, forget school, the whole world!

The eighth graders and the seventh graders + the sixth graders are mixed in the gym, so I feel like I should be friends with the eighth graders, they are way too mature and way too decent. Plus, sixth graders, especially the girls are so infuriating, they bully, they gossip and do I even need to say? Since I am the new girl, I feel like they are whispering about me, and I feel their stares burning in my back. Ugh!!!

ANY WAY!!! I can say this school is different from my last school. I know the school year is at its end, but I still want to have fun. The Orchestra is nice here and I just played in a Spring concert. Almost everything is different here, we only have 8 periods here, unlike our old school and we have a longer time at lunch. 

Life During Pandemic (Hobbies)

In my free time, I started crocheting and watching tv. To be honest, I do not know how to crochet, I just play around with the yarn and the hook, but I do know how to make a straight slip stitch. I watch series on Netflix, like Babysitters Club, and other shows.

Like, one of my favorites is the Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. I just love the quadruplets, seems like way more fun than one sibling, but I am pretty sure my mom and dad can’t handle it.

Other than all this, I pretty much have nothing to say, except I would love to share what I watch on the TV. I hope this keeps you busy and fills up your “Life during the Pandemic” I would like to go and try to keep myself busy.

Make sure you get to check out Netflix, it has great series for kids, teens to adults. Here’s the link:

Plus, check out, our own YouTube Channel:

Finally, check out my first Life During the Pandemic, that one was way more interesting!!!:

This is Srinika, and I am ending today’s post with a blast. See You!

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